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Ikey Blue LLC
Ikey Blue = Happy You!

Family owned & operated. Our guarantee is Ikey Blue = Happy You. We welcome your contact to help us fulfill that commitment. Please keep in touch! Ikey Blue 8523 Ronda Dr Canton, MI 48187 (313) 242-7798 or 313-2 HAPPY U
Ikey Blue

We're here to make sure each experience with Ikey Blue really does equal Happy You. Family-owned & operated since 1999. Thanks for all of your support over the years!

Warehouse move from Massachusetts to Michigan January 1, 2011: Zach & Sarah moved their family across the country and transferred the business within the family. We are grateful for your many years of support. Thank you!
Our Best,
Zach & Sarah, Ikey Blue is a ShopWiki Approved Store Ikey Blue = Happy You is UpFront